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Economic Research Advisory Network (ERAN)


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Economic Research Advisory Network (ERAN) Member

Name:  Andrew Mukandila


M. Com (Development Theory and Policy-Wits)
M. Arts (Demography and Population Study-Wits)
Post graduate in Science (Mathematical Statistics - Wits)
Hon. Degree (Mathematical Statistics - DR Congo)

ERAN Focus Area: Data Analysis and Impact quantification and evaluation for Industrial and Policy Development

Andrew Mukandila holds a postgraduate degree in Mathematical Statistics, Master's Degree in Demography and Population Studies from the University of Witwatersrand (Wits), and a Master of Commerce in Development Theory and Policy from the School of Commerce and Business Sciences at Wits University.

He specialises in quantitative, impact measuring and qualities data analysis, with great focus on data and survey data analysis, statistical projections and modelling, performance indicator development, monitoring and evaluation for policy purpose and economic / population development research using statistical software such as STATA.

His most recent research focused on policy development and analysis, survey data analysis, projection models of urban population growth, analysis of macro-economic data and manufacturing sector for policy purpose using various methodologies include input-output matrix and Social Account Matrix (SAM) analysis and modelling for Wits University School of Economics and Business Science Research Unit, The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), and for conferences' working papers.

He is an alumnus of APORDE 2011 programme, which is a high-level training programme in the development of economics aiming at building capacity in economics and economic policy-making.

He works as Deputy Director at the dti in the Research Directorate of the Industrial Policy, Industrial Development Division.