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Economic Research Advisory Network (ERAN)


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Economic Research Advisory Network (ERAN) Member

Name: Kwena S.M. Matjekana

Organisation: University of Limpopo


MA (Economics) (RAU)
BA Hons (Economics) (UNIN)

ERAN Focus Area: International Trade and Investment, Economic Growth, and Regional Economic Integration

Kwena Matjekana has vast experience in two sectors, viz., the Public Service and Academia. He started his working experience in the Public Sector where he gained valuable experience in many areas, being involved, among others, in policy formulation and implementation. He later joined the education sector in Academia where he taught Economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, environmental and resource economics, transport economics, and international economics). Kwena currently teaches international economics, monetary economics, advanced macroeconomics and economics for managers (MBA) and serves as the Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Limpopo. He has supervised many post-graduate students

Kwena has been trained in economic policy analysis and a number of other economic related areas including Local Economic Development. His current area of research is in regional economic integration, Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade. He has been a member of the Economic Society of South Africa (ESSA) for all the years of his adulthood and has been instrumental in establishing the Limpopo branch of ESSA where he had the privilege of serving as its inaugural Chairman. Kwena trained in the Train-the-Trainer by Council for Economic Education (CEE), a US education NGO (2012 - 2014), where she became interested in human capital investment as a critically necessary factor for economic growth.

Kwena has an interest in making economics and issues of the economy meaningful to people in general and to this end he is often invited to comment or analyse issues of economic interest by several radio stations.