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Economic Research Advisory Network (ERAN) Member

Name:  Martin Cameron


M.Com Cum Laude (CGE Modelling and Development Economics)
B.Com Hons Cum Laude (Econometrics and Statistics)
B.Com (Economics)

ERAN Focus Area: International Trade and Policy, Industrial Development and Policy

Martin Cameron is a South African expert economic advisor with more than 20 years of experience in the field of quantitative economic impact analysis, decision support modelling and engineering management. He has extensive experience in this field - also related specifically to Energy Economics and Economic infrastructure and modelling thereof. He is also an expert in computable general equilibrium (CGE) modelling as well as international trade flows / databases. His software development and database skills cover a wide range of software systems. In 1998, he developed a social accounting matrix and computable general equilibrium (CGE) model for the United Arab Emirates based on their experience of the topics for the South African economy.

He has conducted many economic impact assessments, and industrial impact studies and policy analyses in relation to South Africa, and has authored several papers on power (electrical) network reliability and international trade.

In this context he has been part of the developments of most of the major industrial and policy developments in South Africa - including the Bombella Gautrain bid, various studies for Eskom on potential alternative generation build options, electricity price increase implications for the Department of Public Enterprise and other related energy economic impact studies in the liquid fuels and energy transportation fields (Department of Energy and Transnet, Transnet Pipelines and Sasol).

Martin has also been the primary author of various papers on the topic of electrical (ESKOM) network reliability in the context of this project as listed in the reference section.

In 2014 Martin was appointed by the South African Independent Power Producers (IPP) Programme Office as an independent advising economist. In this role he was providing strategic and economic advisory services to the IPP Programme Office with specific focus on the development of the South African Gas Utilisation Master Plan (GUMP), localisation and economic developmental issues associated with the IPP programme and related strategic, policy and economic modelling and analysis issues. Specific focus on potential risks and bottlenecks from an infrastructure and major component supply perspective such as steel and metals inputs in the South African market context into the IPP programme, is part of the areas that Martin focuses on.

Martin also makes use of applied systems thinking as taught by Michael Goodman and David Stroh, part of the team that developed and formalised this discipline with Peter Senge (author of Fifth Discipline).

Martin is also an associate at the North West University (NWU) specialist research area Trade And Development (TRADE) as commercialisation advisor, technical software design and international trade economics. The specialist research area TRADE has developed an approach (TRADE-DSMTM) to assist with international market and product prioritisation.

In addition to 20 years' experience in dissemination of large volumes of data into information for a wide variety of power sector clients, Martin holds a B. Com. Hons (Econometrics and Statistics, cum laude) degree from the North West University and pursued postgraduate coursework in linear programming and decision support systems at the same university. He also obtained his Master's Degree in Economics (cum laude), specialising in Applied General Equilibrium (or Computable Equilibrium) modelling from the North West University in 2008. Martin is currently engaged in PhD studies focusing in the area of international trade at the North West University.