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Economic Research Advisory Network (ERAN) Member

Name: Mbuyiselo Samuel Sani

Academic Qualifications

Primary Teachers Certificate (Lovedale Teachers' College)
BA Degree (Vista University)
Higher Education Diploma (Post Graduate) {UNISA}
B. Ed. (UNISA)
Master of Public Administration (University of Free State)
MSc : FINANCE (Economic Policy) (University of London)

Work Experience

From January 1981 to June 2006 Mbuyiselo was employed in the Free State Department of Education as a teacher, Head of The Department of Languages, a principal, a school management developer, Director for Human Resources Management and later a Director for Organisational and Human Resources Development.

During this period he was involved amongst other things, in research on a small scale, they conducted surveys on topics such as employee satisfaction and employee perceptions about management. They designed questionnaires, did sampling and analysed data by creating frequency distributions, measured central tendencies, dispersions, etc.

From July 2006 to July 2013, he was appointed as a Chief Director for Corporate Services in the Free State Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs. The kind of research that he was involved in is on issues such as Health Risk Assessment and Management of Absenteeism. After the analysis of data, the results were used for policy formulation and decision-making by management.

From August 2013, he was transferred to the Chief Directorate: Economic Research and Policy Planning. For much of the time until now, the aim has been the establishment and capacitation of this Chief Directorate. The research that has been commissioned so far is on Baseline Information on Corporatives in the Free State. Currently they are busy with a Research proposal on Mining Value Chain Analysis.