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Trade,Export and Investment Financial Assistance (Incentives)

Manufacturing Investment Programme (MIP)

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the dti Suspends New Applications for Manufacturing Investment Programme (MIP)


The MIP is a reimbursable cash grant for local and foreign-owned manufactures who wish to establish a new production facility; expand an existing production facility; or upgrade an existing facility in the clothing and textiles sector.


  • Stimulate investment in manufacturing;
  • Increase employment opportunities; and
  • Sustain enterprise growth


  • Investment grant of 30% of the investment cost of qualifying assets for new or expansion projects below R5 million.

  • Investment grant of between 15% to 30% of the investment cost of qualifying assets for new or expansion projects above R5 million.

  • Qualifying assets: machinery and equipment, buildings, and commercial vehicles.

Eligible Enterprises 

Investors in new and expansion projects in the South African manufacturing industry.

Qualifying Marginalised Areas Advancing Spatial Economic Activity (MIP and TSP Incentives)

The Manufacturing and Tourism incentive programmes (MIP and TSP) currently stimulate industrial and tourism investment throughout the nine provinces of South Africa. To view a comprehensive list of beneficiaries, click here.

The Enterprise Investment Programme

The Enterprise Investment Programme Adjudication Committee, at the November 2011 meeting, approved the following relaxation with regard to turnover: