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SMME Development Financial Assistance (Incentives)

Small Medium Enterprise Development Programme (SMEDP)

PLEASE NOTE: The SMEDP scheme has been suspended on 31 August 2006 (Media Release). Please note that NO applications will be accepted by the dti after 31 August 2006. The guidelines and policy decisions are only applicable to Applicants who have submitted their applications on or before 31 August 2006; to Applicants who have received a decision from the Manufacturing Development Board; to Applicants who received an SMEDP contract; and Applicants who are in terms of the SMEDP contract allowed to submit claims for the SMEDP scheme.

  • Policy on late submission of claims with the dti; the treatment of Human Resource component; the late notification of the relaxation of contractual requirements and expired tax clearance certificates Read more

  • Late submission of any reconciliation or annual claim will result in the automatic termination of the SMEDP contract, Read more

  • Summary of Revised Minimum Requirements for the Payment of Investment Grants Read more

  • Revised Timeframe to Submit Outstanding Information by Client and/or Consultant Read more

  • Policy on the exclusion of lump sum payments, if reflected in the income statement used to calculate the ‘year three’ reconciliation claim, which has led to the Human Resource Component (HRC) percentage not being met Read more

 Please note: Should you have a query relating to:

An SMEDP application, please email
An SMEDP approval and/ or contract, please email
An SMEDP claim and / or payment of a claim, please email

Once you have received confirmation that your claim has been referred for an inspection, enquiries in respect of such an inspection may be directed to