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South African Vanguard of Technology (SAVANT)


SAVANT is a vanguard of technology aimed at strengthening the local ICT and Electronics industry, both in South Africa and internationally. This is achieved by positioning the sector in a unique way to add dimension to its global competitiveness.

The broad objective of the SAVANT programme is to grow the sector to facilitate job creation and sustainable economic development by:

  • Becoming the local and global voice of the sector in South Africa;
  • Strengthening the sector to become globally competitive by showcasing the successes in the South African economy;
  • Co-ordinating an information portal between both the private and public sectors;
  • Facilitating B2B matchmaking between companies; and
  • Providing an easily accessible business directory.
South Africa is an ICT and Electronics partner of choice in world-class innovation and design in niche areas, as well as standard back-office implementation.

The Electro-Technical Sector in Brief

The Electro-technical sector includes Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications. The South African market is worth more than R184 billion, excluding mobile operators. Our competitive advantage is created from the defence and mining sectors as well as high-level government investment in research and development in strategic programmes. The country also has strong engineering and integration capabilities from working as a prime contractor on complex projects.

The industry is characterised by entrepreneurship that is underpinned by strong design and implementation principles. It offers a one-stop destination for clients. Most companies have a minimum of ISO 9000 certification and are internationally competitive.

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