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Export Organisations

South African Export Councils and Contacts

Governments internationally are developing export promotion strategies. The competitive global environment calls for innovative ways of facilitating exports to spur economic growth, realise employment gains and contribute to the favourable balance of payments and current account surplus.

The South African Government created Export Councils to improve communication and co-operation within different industrial sectors in terms of strategies for penetrating international markets. Export Councils are an integral part of Government's plan to grow export, diversify product offering, broaden markets and enhance exporter base through the mobilisation of black-, women- and youth-owned enterprises as well as emerging exporters. These councils represent a group of companies within an economic sector with the objective of promoting the industry as a competitive exporter of products and services to foreign markets. Export Councils contribute to the realisation of the National Export Strategy goals.

Currently, 18 Export Councils, six Industry Associations and four Joint Action Groups are registered with the dti, covering the following sectors: Automotive, Metal Fabrication Capital and Rail Transport, Leather and Footwear, Electro-technical, Steel fabricators, Built Environment Professions, Agro-processing, Cosmetics etc. These entities are funded by the dti through Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS) under Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme (EMIA)

the dti, through Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA), initiated a review and evaluation of the effectiveness of these Export Councils in delivering the set objectives. The newly approved Export Council model is the outcome of a two-year consultative process and allows Government to retain the existing Export Councils, Industry Associations and Joint Action Groups and encourages the formation of other export businesses such as export clubs and fora, which will eventually form part of the National Export Advisory Council (NEAC). These export formations are eligible to tap into the various offerings of the dti for their export-led activities and projects as well as marketing material.

Contact list of Export Councils, Industry Associations and Joint Action Groups

Assistance in expanding into the European Market

Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA) has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) which offers assistance with export development and export promotion for SMEs entering into the EU, Swiss and other EFTA markets.

SIPPO helps SMEs in selected partner countries (such as South Africa) and selected sectors to export their high-quality products to Europe. Find out more. Click here