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National Exporter Development Programme (NEDP)

The purpose of the NEDP is to increase exports, particularly of those products and services that add value and contribute to employment and the green economy. The target group is small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs), both generally and drawn from the ranks of the previously disadvantaged, while still taking into account the needs of larger potential and established exporters.

The vision of the NEDP is to provide a well-resourced, efficient and effective exporter development programme that delivers appropriately skilled exporters and contributes to the number of active exporters and the real value of exports growing consistently over time.

The mission of the NEDP is to:

  • Develop a pool of export-ready companies;
  • Ensure that exports grow, and new markets and export products are developed;
  • Ensure effective resources are available for exporter development;
  • Provide leadership to the various stakeholders involved in exporting;
  • Facilitate collaboration between the various stakeholders from both the private and public sectors; and
  • Monitor and ensure continuous improvement.

Download the National Exporter Development Programme (NEDP) Publication

Global Export Passport

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) developed a Global Export Passport Initiative as a training programme that forms part of the critical components of the National Export Development Programme (NEDP). The initiative focuses on export capacity-building and the training of emerging and experienced exporters to ensure their export-ready status and sustainability in the international market. The programme aims to build on existing activities and capacities of the dti, provincial economic development departments, provincial trade and investment agencies, seda and other international and local stakeholders to ensure the delivery of key interventions to emerging and experienced exporters.

The Passport Initiative will further enhance the market competitiveness of emerging and experienced exporters. It will create an enabling export platform by addressing the significant aspects of market entry, and grow employment, with an ultimate contribution to economic growth, through the five phases of the Global Export Passport Initiative:

Phases     Name of Participants    Name of Course   
Phase 1 Explorer Export Awareness
Phase 2 Export-Aware Introduction to Exporting
Phase 3 Export-Ready Planning for Exports
Phase 4 Start-Up Exporter Succeeding in Exporting
Phase 5 Global Exporter Global Exporting

the dti wishes to advise prospective exporters that the Global Exporter Passport System (GEPS) will no longer be accessible to individual exporters to register themselves. Currently the system is being improved. Interested companies and exporters wishing to enrol for the Global Exporter Passport Programme are encouraged to apply by downloading this form.

Contact details:
Ms Phina Mashilo Mr Tshepo Maroga
Tel: +27 (12) 394 1060 Tel: +27 (12) 394 5624

For more information, please contact 0861 843 384 or e-mail